Snowbirds Support National Seniors' Council

Posted date : Mar 05, 2007.Back to list

Toronto, ON – Gerry Brissenden, president of the Canadian Snowbird Association expressed strong support for the creation of a National Seniors' Council.

"The federal government promised the establishment of a National Seniors' Council and I am pleased to see them delivering on their promise," said Brissenden. "With the number of seniors doubling over the next 25 years, the input of Canada's seniors will continue to grow in importance".

The Canadian Snowbird Association is a 70,000 member, non-profit, non-partisan organization representing Canadian travellers, many of them seniors, from across the country. The CSA works in partnership with government and business to educate and advocate on behalf of all travelling Canadians, helping to ensure access to safe, healthy travel with no restrictions on freedom of movement.

"Many of today's seniors are leading active and healthy lives," said Brissenden. "With many seniors continuing to work well past age 65 the nature of Canadian society is changing and it's encouraging to see the federal government recognize this important fact".

In addition to endorsing the establishment of a National Seniors' Council, the Canadian Snowbird Association supports the federal government's initiative to allow pension income splitting for pensioners beginning in 2007 with the filing of annual tax returns.

"Seniors are a valuable resource that have much experience and wisdom to offer Canadian society," said Brissenden. The Canadian Snowbird Association applauds the federal government for the creation of a National Seniors' Council, a vehicle that will formally allow seniors greater input on issues of national importance.

Michael MacKenzie
Research and Communications Officer
Canadian Snowbird Association
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