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The CSA releases the inaugural
edition of the Canadian
Travellers’ Report Card, an
extensive publication that
critically investigates the
policies and practices of the
federal, provincial and territorial
governments regarding key
issues impacting Canadian
snowbirds. The latest edition
will be released in early 2013.
A proposed rule which would reduce
the amount of time that Canadian
tourists are allowed to spend in
the U.S. from 182 days to 30 days
is rescinded after the CSA appears
before the U.S. House Small Business
Committee on Capitol Hill. Florida
Governor Jeb Bush mentions the
CSA in his press release, recognizing
the efforts of the association in the
successful withdrawal of the planned
legislative changes.
A policy is agreed upon
between Manitoba Health
and the CSA whereby
residents who spend 183
days outside of Canada,
and after they return to
Manitoba, may be absent
for up to an additional 30
days in order for them to
enjoy more travel to visit
family, attend weddings and
funerals, etc.
British Columbia becomes the first
province to hold an election on a
fixed date. This allows residents
of British Columbia to better plan
their winter trips without having
to sacrifice their democratic right
to vote.
The CSA appears before
the Florida Property
Tax Reform Committee
to present the
association’s position
on proposed property
tax reform.
As a direct result of
discussions with the
CSA, federal Minister of
Health Tony Clement
communicates to every
provincial and territorial
minister of health,
reminding them of their
obligations under the
portability criterion of the
Canada Health Act