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SPRING 2012 | ISSUE 82
J. Ross Quigley
Two mothers, two dogs, Pat & me, lots of baggage, a new winter
home and four months in Florida. We made it! We can now,
officially, be called “snowbirds.”
After visiting many places in Florida, Arizona, Texas and
California over the past 25 years, for what we considered to be
very short jaunts, we finally “bit the bullet” and decided that
we would try to spend our winters on the Gulf Coast of Florida.
As you all know, the U.S. real estate market has been suffering
terribly over the past few years and we felt that properties on
the water had finally reached the lowest they could possibly
go. They may still go lower, but the values were too compelling
to pass up. It took us approximately three years of looking and
searching in our spare time to find that ideal spot. It turned out
that the great search was actually fun, rather than a chore, and it
has been an interesting and exciting three years.
To give you an idea of values, we ended up paying 68% of the
asking price for our new home and both seller and buyer were
happy with the result. So don’t be afraid to offer a low price, if
you are looking, but you should offer what you think is a fair
value, too.
What has surprised me the most was that these were possibly
the best four months of my life. We met dozens and dozens of
new friends, explored many new restaurants, parks and events
and had our kids and grandkids show up at the appropriate
times to share in our happiness. We bought bicycles, walked
the beaches and even played several games of golf. I have
never quite believed snowbirds when they said that they were
incredibly busy. How could that be? Snowbirds are retired - what
could they possibly do with all that time? I now know what they
meant. There is just not enough time to do everything you want
to do. And the time goes by much too quickly.
All I can say to those people who are considering the snowbird
lifestyle is, “Go for it.”Take a chance. It’s an exciting, rewarding
and special lifestyle surrounded by friends and endless activities.
My mother’s words define it perfectly - “We are flourishing.”And
thanks to all of our readers who showed us the way.
We acknowledge the financial support of the Government
of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund of the
Department of Canadian Heritage.