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1. Crocodile tears
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4. Collateral damage
5. Easy come, easy go
6. Far be it fromme
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Travel by the numbers
Canadians took more than
thousand cruises in 2011.
million Canadians drive across the border each year
just to use U.S. airports.
Canadians made nearly
million leisure trips to the U.S.
between November 2011 and April 2012.
Canadians made nearly
million leisure trips to Mexico
between November 2011 and April 2012.
Mexico is the number
destination for Canadian tour
package operators.
is offered at the following airports:
Halifax, Robert L. Stanfield International Airport
Montréal, Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
Ottawa, Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
Toronto, Pearson International Airport
Winnipeg, James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
Calgary International Airport
Edmonton International Airport
Vancouver International Airport
Toronto, Billy Bishop Airport
St John’s International Airport
Moncton, Greater Moncton International Airport
Quebec City, Jean Lesage International Airport
Kelowna International Airport
There are 46,000 miles of
roadway in the U.S. Interstate
U.S. Interstates comprise fewer
than 1% of U.S. roads
There are 62 routes on the U.S.
Interstate system
Seven Interstate routes connect
Canada and Mexico
The shortest Interstate route
is I-73. It spans 12.27 miles in
North Carolina
The longest Interstate route is
I-90. It stretches for 3,020 miles
There are 54,663 bridges on the
U.S. Interstate system
I-95 was the most expensive
route to build – $8 billion
Source: ARTBA
Flu by the
3 million to 7.5 million:
Estimated number of Canadians
who become infected with the
influenza virus each year.
4,000 to 8,000:
approximate number of
Canadians who die of influenza
or its complications each year in
70 to 90 per cent:
Percentage of influenza
vaccinations that successfully
produce the antibodies to fight
off the flu in healthy adults.
10 to 15 per cent:
Percentage of people vaccinated
who won’t develop immunity to
the flu.
The number of days it
takes for a flu vaccination to take
full effect.
Typical number of days it
takes people to get over the flu.
132.8 million:
The number
of doses of flu vaccine distributed
in the U.S. in the winter of
Source: Various
Get Some Sleep
Insomnia is almost
twice as common in
women as it is in men.
One in four married
couples sleep in
separate beds.
Humans spend a third
of their life sleeping.
Less sleep can lead to
higher inflammatory
proteins in the blood.
65% of people lose
sleep because of stress.
A snoring partner
wakes a non-snoring
partner an average of
20 times per night.
Source: Random History
What are you eating?
A person will usually swallow around 250 times during
It takes 3,500 calories to make a pound.
A person will eat an average of 1,500 pounds of food
each year.
The human digestive system contains between 10 and
100 million bacteria.
Minerals constitute 4% of our body weight.
Temperature can affect appetite. A cold person is
more likely to eat more food.
Source: Random History
The U.S. Interstate System Facts