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y the time you read this, many of you – including Joan and
I – will be back down south. Let’s hope that the winter is as
nice for us as the summer in Canada was.
Before heading south, we had our board of directors meeting
at which all directors discussed what they had been doing to
improve the association. It is amazing how busy the directors are
during the summer months, attending political events and speak-
ing at club meetings.
I spoke at several club meetings. One of the meetings was the
PROBUS (Professional Business Men’s Club) in Kincardine. Joan
and I were made very welcome by a great group of people who
do things for the local area, such as a street cleanup day. Many of
the people in attendance joined the association.
Our next meeting was at Port 32 Shore Spa in Bobcaygeon. Once
again, we received a very nice welcome. Several of the attendees
were already members but, due to the rules of the hall, we were
unable to sell additional memberships. However, many people
took applications following my presentation.
Our legal counsel WallaceWeylie and I were supposed to meet
at Queen’s Park with MPP John O’Toole, who is proposing a bill
that would change parts of a power of attorney. This is something
that will affect many snowbirds and Minister O’Toole thought
that it would be good for us to have input. As you may be aware,
Wallace is our expert in this matter. However, due to the parlia-
ment of Ontario being prorogued, this meeting had to be post-
We also attended the Snowbird Lifestyle Presentation in Orillia.
The theatre was full and everyone enjoyed both the entertain-
ment and the valuable information given by President Bob Slack
and Doctor Robert McMillan.
I had an opportunity to talk at the awards banquet at the golf
club of which I am a member. Once again, I signed up several new
CSA members.
Just prior to leaving for the warm south, I met with MPP Garfield
Dunlop to discuss why Ontarians are not allowed to travel any-
where in Canada after they have been away from the province for
the permitted 212 days. I pointed out to him that, as Canadians,
we should be allowed to travel anywhere in our country and still
retain our health-care privileges; this is enshrined in the Canada
Health Act. Mr Dunlop will be sending a letter to OHIP in an effort
to obtain clarification about this.
Following that meeting, I also attended a Town Hall meeting
Gerry Brissenden
CSA Past President
hosted by MPP Garfield Dunlop and MP Bruce Stanton.
Joan and I have started sending out the placemats; if you
have not yet ordered, do so quickly – we expect to send
out about 100,000 again this year.
Don’t forget, if you would like either me or one of our
directors to speak at your event, just call or e-mail the of-
fice. The director will bring you up to date on the work of
the association and the achievements.
I am looking forward to speaking at several events this
year and also to seeing many of you at the CSA meetings
and picnics.
If you have a friend who is not yet a member of the as-
sociation, bring him or her to one of the CSA events; the
more members we have, the stronger our voice when
talking to the various governments.
Have a wonderful, healthy winter season.
Remember, when we are in warmer climates, we are not a
drain on the provincial health-care systems.
Travels of
Gerry and Joan
Additions to
Canadian Calendar 2012/2013
Llona Grande Resort Picnic
Wednesday, March 6. Cost is $4.00 per person and includes food
and beverages.
Pierre Fournier,
Sun CityWest
Canadian Club of the NorthWest Valley
Offers members a variety of social events, information sessions
and discounted Coyote hockey tickets.
da Millard,