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To Your Health
Personal technology that takes your health to heart
With today’s technology, it’s a good
time to be alive. Said technology is
also trying to make it a little easier to
stay that way.
Wealreadyknowthatour smartphones
are powerful communication devices.
In a trend solidified at the 2013
Consumer Electronics Show, the
quintessential annual technology
trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada,
they’re also becoming pocket-sized
doctors. Or at least doctor’s assistants.
When you think about health markers
– simple stuff such as height, weight
and body mass index, as well as the
more detailed metrics such as blood
pressure, heartbeats per minute at
work and at rest, blood glucose level,
sleep patterns and calories burned –
they’re all just data.
Computers such as smartphones and
tablets live for data, and health data…
properly plotted…can help us and
our doctors make informed decisions
about our health.
So it is that we take a look at a few
connected health gadgets in this
by Andrew Moore-Crispin
Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood pressure is a key indicator of health. A home blood pressure cuff lets you take
readings without the hassle of daily trips to the local pharmacy and the public blood
pressure machines which they often offer. A connected blood pressure cuff, such as this
one fromWithings, will also take care of all the data entry for you.
Connect the cuff to your iPhone or iPad. The connection launches theWithings app on
your device. Hit a button on the screen and you’ll feel that familiar pressure as the cuff
Your results are automatically logged into the app and on a private, password-protected
online page. You can even e-mail your results to your doctor from right within the app.
Data collected by the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor can also be shared with
, TrainingPeaks and other such health, wellness and athletic training services
if you choose.
Smart Body Analyzer
Another existing technology updated for the smartphone and tablet age, the Smart
Body Analyzer looks remarkably like a bathroom scale. That’s because at its core, that’s
precisely what it is.
That said, it does more than just measure weight. It also measures heart rate and
body fat. As will become a familiar refrain in this column, there’s a free app for your
smartphone or tablet that syncs wirelessly with the device to pull in data.
Set a health goal in theWithings Health Mate app, then just step on the scale every
morning and see how you’re progressing toward your goal.
Withings Health Mate is a free app from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store and
doesn’t require you to purchase any hardware. This means that you can enter data
from your existing low-tech scale manually to get a taste of the experience without the
upfront investment.