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FALL 2013
J. Ross Quigley
Medipac International Inc.
It is most rewarding to see the
tangible results of very hard
work and the caring dedication
of our staff for our clients.
This Early Bird season has been one
for the record books and we would
like to sincerely thank all of our clients
for your support and confidence.
Medipac achieved the highest level
of written business in our 30-year
history. We had the highest single
day of sales – ever – of more than $2
million dollars and this was in light
of giving the highest Claim-Free
Discounts and Loyalty Credits which
we have ever provided. The number
of purchasers grew by 17.5% over
last year, but snowbird travel is only
expected to grow by about 4% this
winter. Some forecasters are actually
calling for a slight overall reduction in
travel, in particular to Europe and the
The whole world is very volatile right
now, with the possibility of another
war in the Middle East, riots in various
parts of Europe, volcanoes erupting
in the Pacific Ring of Fire, and parts
of Mexico, South America and the
Caribbean engulfed in turmoil. The
southern parts of the United States
are looking pretty good to me right
now, although there are some isolated
spots that do have some minor issues.
Our current plan is to head to Florida
in early November, as I have several
meetings scheduled and, hopefully,
to stay on through Christmas. Having
five children and seven grandchildren
means that we are pulled in a dozen
different directions every year and
this is the age-old balancing act of a
snowbird. The easy answer is always
to just say “Come on down,” but then
everyone thinks that Dad should pay
and the cost becomes unmanageable.
Have you ever tried to book 17 airline
tickets over Christmas? What about
the dogs, the cats? And where are
they all going to sleep? But there are
magical times in the rare years when it
all works out.
In early February, we hope to get to
Arizona for about two weeks to meet
the Weylies and the show crew for our
Western Extravaganza. We recently
saw one of our Snowbird Lifestyle
Presentations in Ontario and the
entertainment was wonderful. One
gentleman asked me what benefits
there are to joining the CSA and I told
him to watch our free show and then
ask me again. He did, of course, join.
It was that good! And the U.S. shows
will be even better. I hope to see you
As always, travel safely and, hopefully,
you will be travelling with
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