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Warm up and cool down
Too often, we dive
headfirst into something
without preparing, but
that’s a dangerous way
to approach anything,
especially something
physical. Don’t just jump
into an activity without
warming up (with some
stretching or a bit of
cardio to get your heart
rate up); the same goes
for finishing up – stop
your activity gradually,
instead of all at once
which will jolt your
system. Your body will
recover better from a sport if you ease in and out of it.
How to prevent sports-related injuries
by Jennifer Cox
There’s no better way to take in a beautiful afternoon than hitting the tennis court for a few rounds of play
or indulging in 18 holes of golf. But, if you haven’t done much in the way of exercising recently, your few
hours of enjoyment could turn into days or even weeks of recuperation, if you were to injure yourself.
There are a number of important rules to remember if you want to prevent a sports-related injury.
That way, you can continue to enjoy activities long after your initial playtime.
Don’t ignore aches
and pains
One of the biggest mistakes that older persons
make when engaging in a sport is shrugging
off soreness – if left untreated, what seemed
like a minor
ache could
quickly become
a more serious
ailment. Be
sure to address
any pains
immediately and,
if you find that
you’re still sore a
week afterward,
it’s imperative to
follow up with a
Take a class and
buy the equipment
It’s always fun to try something new, and
you may just find an undiscovered talent or
penchant for a particular activity. But you
shouldn’t just delve into a new sport without
preparing first, as mentioned above. Take a
class and get instruction on how to properly
do the activity at hand. Buy the equipment
so that you can practice on your own as well.
Plan ahead so that you don’t set yourself back
before you even start.
Be safe
Active people are suffering frommore
head injuries than ever before, particularly
while engaging in things such as biking, so
you need to have the proper safety gear.
Always wear both a helmet and pads when
doing an activity in which there’s a chance
that you might fall. Wear braces for added
support, if you suffer from any joint pain.
Put on sun block if you will be outdoors.
And always be sure to drink lots of water
while doing any sport, especially in a hot
Don’t overdo it
You may be trying out a sport in which
there are a few younger, more spry
players than you – but this doesn’t
mean that you need to show them
up. Tapping into your 30- or 40-year-
old self for one game is not going to
be worth the weeks you’ll need to
recuperate. You know your limits (even
if you hate to admit it)…heed them.
Never push yourself too hard.