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olitically appointed boards of
directors running Local Health
Integration Networks (or LHINs,
as they are known) control funding.
And funding controls health care and
your access to that health care; and
waiting times and services are getting
worse and worse every month, and
every year. You remember those great
promises to improve waiting times
– most waiting times are now longer
than ever. Billions have been spent to
improve our health care and I have
to wonder who got all of that money.
My guess is that all of the many, many
LHIN directors are very well paid with
huge expense accounts, unlike the
CSA’s directors who are paid NOTHING
for their incredible work. But where is
all the rest of the money going?
This seems to me to be the equivalent
of Ontario’s gas plant scandal which,
according to the Globe and Mail
headline “Ontario Liberals’ gas-plant
cancellations cost $1-billion: Auditor,”
but in a much more insidious way. My
guess is that the LHINs are spending
far more money, ineffectively, in a
scandal yet to be exposed.
Why has no one asked, “Who got the
gas plant money? Where is our billion
dollars? Who owns the companies that
got this enormous unearned benefit?
Is this really fraud on a massive scale?”
To make matters worse, the Globe
and Mail article continues “…Liberal
intervention – including from staff
in former premier Dalton McGuinty’s
office – drove that price tag far higher
than it needed to be, auditor general
Bonnie Lysyk said.”Why would they do
that? Who got that ‘extra’money?
I am an insurance person. If I had a
billion-dollar contract, it would be
insured against cancellation, it would
be insured for non-performance and
there would be penalties for cost
overruns. That is the normal way
of doing business…unless there is
hanky-panky going on, of course.
What about the multiple quotes
required for government contracts?
Who has our money??? Or, perhaps
Who controls
health care
in Ontario?
Why the doctors, of course.