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A Sort of
Classical guitarist Liona Boyd
comes home in order to
stretch herself even further
ulation 35,682,460) to towns as small
as Moose Factory, Ontario (population
2,358). Performances for world leaders,
politicians, royalty and others (includ-
ing, on one notable occasion, the O.J.
Simpson jury) have brought her even
further afield, from the mouth of the
Ganges to Mexico’s central mountains
to nearly every place in-between.
Professionally, too, Boyd has been
places. As the “First Lady of the
Guitar” (a sobriquet which she picked
up nearly 40 years ago), Boyd has
“I’ve been everywhere,” says Liona
Boyd in her exceptionally polite, soft-
spoken voice, her light English accent
dancing over the vowels. And really,
she means it.
Geographically, for one. By her own
count, she’s lived in several dozen
cities: Toronto (where she grew up),
Santa Monica, Miami and Paris among
them. As one of the world’s pre-emi-
nent classical guitarists, her tours have
brought her to many more, every-
where from cities as big as Tokyo (pop-
played literally hundreds of concerts
and recitals and issued no fewer
than 23 studio albums, along with
several live recordings of her con-
certs around the world. Along the
way, she’s picked up a total of five
Juno awards, a handful of honorary
degrees (from the University of Leth-
bridge, University of Toronto, Simon
Fraser University, Brock University
and the University of Victoria) and
was welcomed into the Order of
Canada back in 1981.