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hen we were all making
our winter travel plans,
our Canadian dollar was
trading at its most logical value, in
my opinion – at par with the United
States dollar. So why the drastic
change? Does anyone really think
that the risk of investing a dollar in
Canada is dramatically different from
the risk in the United States? They
tell me that this is the reason for
currency-exchange fluctuations. What
has changed for the worse during the
past six to nine months for us poor
Canadians? And don’t give me any
false reasoning about Canada being a
commodity nation and that the price
of gold and potash are down. Oil and
natural gas and lots of other things are
up – way up – and these are far more
critical components of our economy.
The United States is printing money
like drunken sailors (my apologies
to our sailors) and is basically
bankrupting the country. Think
Zimbabwe, Argentina and the old
Soviet Union; that is what they did,
and the results were devastating. I
have probably already told you that
I bought some Zimbabwe money on
eBay. Real Zimbabwe money. One
of the bills is for one hundred trillion
dollars. That was the price of a loaf
of bread before the collapse. Is the
same result possible for the U.S., or
are they “Too Big to Fail,”whatever
that means? The only reasonable
conclusion is that, given the
upcoming U.S. elections in November,
the government is “adjusting” the
numbers to make themselves look
We’ve been bitten
by the dollar!