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by Robert MacMillan MD
This past winter, while on tour with CSA directors, staff and entertainers, many of us came
down with sudden gastrointestinal symptoms, obviously caused by a very infectious agent.
Within a week, almost half of our troupe experienced sudden nausea and severe vomit-
ing, followed by diarrhea. Most symptoms passed within 36 hours, leaving most of those
affected feeling not “up to par” for another two weeks. From the symptoms which we ex-
perienced, I am quite certain that the cause was Norwalk virus (aka Norovirus), the same
virus that had infected more than 300 persons on a cruise ship returning to New Jersey the
week before. This experience prompted me to realize the many infections to which we can
be subjected, how to prevent or reduce the risk of some and what precautions we should
take, especially when travelling or living away from home.