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Top tips to protect your online purchases

The holidays often feel more hectic than festive with all of the preparations,

invitations and hosting duties tugging us in all directions. Braving the malls filled

with crowds just adds to the chaos, so consider the alternative: do your shopping


Take a look at these top tips for safe and secure transactions, from eBay, a

leading global marketplace

Purchase from a legitimate site

Make sure that the URL address begins

with “https,”which indicates that the

purchase is encrypted and secure.

Ask lots of questions

Contact a seller to ask questions about the

product before you make a purchase, to

avoid any surprises when you receive the


Check the return policy, and look for


Most purchases go smoothly but, if the

item isn’t exactly what you ordered,

policies such as eBay’s money-back

guarantee will cover your purchase price

plus original shipping on almost all items.

Enjoy the convenience of shopping online and give yourself the gift of more

time with family and friends.

Do your research, and check the


Prices that are much lower than

the competition may have strings

attached, so be aware and read

product descriptions carefully.

Also, be sure to understand

shipping costs and delivery times

– especially during the holiday


Make sure that payments are


Services such as PayPal provide for

a safe and secure way to pay for

your purchases online. They may

even offer additional security, such

as PayPal Purchase Protection.

Plan ahead before using

your credit card abroad

When you use a credit card outside of

Canada, you are often given the choice to

pay in Canadian or local funds at the point

of sale. To decide, you need to know the rate

which your credit card company will charge

to exchange currencies, so that you can

compare it to the rate being offered abroad.

Before you leave home, check your credit

card company’s foreign currency conversion

rates (not the same as the foreign exchange

rate) and associated fees. You can find this

in the information box on your credit card

agreement, which came with your credit

card in the mail.

Learn more about credit card agreements,

plus your rights and responsibilities, by

visiting the Financial Consumer Agency of

Canada at


New direct deposit form

easier to complete

As the deadline to apply for direct deposit of

federal payments looms, the federal govern-

ment has simplified the enrolment form to

make it easier for Canadians to sign up. By April

2016, all federal payments will no longer be

issued by cheque and direct deposit will be the

preferred method of payment. Your payments

will be conveniently deposited into your bank

account, with very few exceptions, so the time

to enrol is now.

If you need help filling in the form, visit , ca

ll 1-800-593-1666

or ask your bank teller for assistance.

More than 80 per cent of federal payments –

such as Old Age Security, the Canada Pension

Plan, disability benefits, Employment Insurance

and tax returns payments – made to Canadians

are by direct deposit; however some Canadians

still need to enrol to start enjoying the conven-

ience and reliability of direct deposit.

4 ways to avoid hitting the wall

when hitting the road!

Driving long distances and into the night isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee).

Whether you prefer to grab a Red Bull for the road or crank up the AC, here are

some tips to help you arrive at your destination safely:

Stay Focused:

GPS devices and cell phones can be lifesavers in the event of an

accident or if you get lost, but technology can also be distracting, so remember to

pull over when using your mobile.

Stay Alert:

Fighting the urge to sleep, especially after dark, is a bad idea. Pull over

and take a 20-minute nap if you are yawning or blinking. Another way to stay alert

is to get out of the car at least every two hours and walk/run around your vehicle a

few times.

Stay Energized:

Drinking the equivalent of two cups of coffee can be effective

in staving off a sleep attack for as long as an hour. However, hot drinks can make

some people drowsy, so opt for something cold like a sugar-free energy drink to

keep your body and mind alert.

Stay Cool:

Keep the air cool inside the car by opening a window or turning on the

air conditioning. When temperatures rise above 27 degrees Celsius, most people

experience a temporary loss of concentration and efficiency in mental alertness.

Running on empty applies to more than just your vehicle, so make sure that you

have enough left in the tank when you reach your destination.