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J. Ross Quigley


Medipac International Inc.

I will be the first one to have a glass

of wine or two and, perhaps, an after-

dinner Drambuie. But I can’t tolerate

those people who knock back six or

eight triple scotches and then say that

they are fine. Or the person who says

“I have only had one,”when they have

actually refilled the two-thirds-empty

glass a dozen times. They’re fine too, of


When George checked into the

hospital, he was at two-and-a-half

times the legal limit of alcohol in his

blood. In other words, he was “stone”

drunk. George had been treated for

alcoholism in Canada but, once he

got to the U.S., he started drinking

heavily again. On his final discharge

from the U.S. hospital, the medical

papers outlined his severe withdrawal

symptoms (commonly known as

the DTs) and stated that he should

immediately seek help and treatment

for his addiction. Would you pay this

claim? Would you like to contribute to

George and Millie’s medical bills with

increased premiums?

Well, he got plastered again the other

night, fell down and banged his head

on the coffee table. He was unconscious,

so Millie called 911 and the ambulance

came and took him to the hospital. He

apparently was in intensive care for five

days with severe head injuries and the

insurance company finally pulled him

out and sent him back to Canada on an

air ambulance. But that’s not the worst

of it…the insurance company denied

his claim and now he’s got a $150,000

hospital bill to pay, and another

$18,000 air ambulance bill on top of

that. Thank heavens that he’s going to

be OK, but I don’t know how he’s going

to pay those huge bills.

We should think about this a little more,

though. What if George had banged his

head in a slightly different place, or the

doctors at the hospital didn’t know how

to deal with a cerebral haemorrhage.

George would be gone, Millie would be

alone, and she would be left with these

enormous bills. This is not a legacy

which any of us would like to leave


This claim was not a Medipac claim, but

Medipac would not pay this one, either.

We do pay lots of claims for people who

have had a social drink or two, but this

accident was predictable…it was just a

matter of time.

Year after year we see hundreds of

claims for broken legs, broken hips,

head injuries and all kinds of other

trauma due to simple falls. At our age,

these injuries can shorten our life

expectancy quite dramatically and, yet,

they are so easy to prevent.

We all know how to prevent George’s

injuries, but I have been to dozens of

homes where there is no handrail on

the stairs. Most trailers and double-

wides have no handrail. There may

only be one or two stairs, but that can

make it even more important to have

a handrail. The claims all start the same

way – “I was just leaving the house…” or

“I was just coming home with…” or

“I didn’t see the…”. Please, please make

your home a little safer; install railings

NOW, both inside and out.

Did You Hear What

Happened to George??