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Well, perhaps one more thought. A

happy young Saskatchewan couple

was going to have a baby and they

decided to take their dream trip to

Hawaii before the baby came. So, they

bought some Blue Cross travel medical

insurance and off they went. While

in Hawaii, the expectant mother’s

water broke unexpectedly; the baby

decided not to wait and was born

prematurely. Fortunately, as a result

of excellent medical care, everything

appears to be fine now. The bill, of

course, was enormous – $950,000, to be

exact; premature babies are very, very

expensive. There was one in Bermuda a

few years ago for $1.5 million.

Both of these claims were denied! Just

to be clear, Medipac would not pay

any claim related to pregnancy, either.

We have a specific exclusion related to

pregnancy. I don’t believe that any of

our clients would really need pregnancy

coverage, although a Mrs. Lohan did

have a child at the age of 74 last year.

The point to be made here is that the

president of Saskatchewan Blue Cross

stated that there were nine separate

I hope that I do not have to mention

the importance of handrails in the

bathtub, do I? We all tend to think that

bathroom grab bars are for old people

(we are not old yet, no matter what they

say) and for disabled people. I have

noticed that Pat is using a different

hair shampoo; when I follow her into

the shower now, the floor is left with a

greasy residue that would topple the

best of athletes, which I am not. A grab

rail can save your life! It can save your

spouse’s life. It can extend your lives for

many years. Think like that! How can

I be safer? Probably the same person

who installs your hand railing can do

the bathroom bars, as well.

A last thought would be for all of

those little untrained terror dogs.

They bound around yapping and

pulling and jumping when they get

excited and often they will tie up your

legs – and over you go. You can train

your dog you know and, if not, then

send him or her off to the doggie

training camp. The change will be like

a miracle has happened. Those are my

recommendations for today.

“events” on which this claim was being

denied. I presume that means nine

different reasons for denying this claim.

Nine! Nine different reasons! Perhaps

you should read that policy of yours


And, for clarity, a Manulife policy is NOT

the same as a Medipac policy unless

it says Medipac AND the Canadian

Snowbird Association on the policy, as

well as on the application for the policy.

And, if a life or general insurance agent

is trying to sell you the “snowbird” plan,

don’t be confused. That is NOT Medipac

either, and it certainly has nothing

to do with the Canadian Snowbird

Association. Medipac has no agents and

we do not pay commissions. And, while

we are at it, several companies advertise

that they represent many insurers and

many plans, and that they will find you

the very best deal out there. This is not

true, of course, because they only sell

you plans that pay commissions. They

do not sell Medipac. We are having lots

of serious claims this year – make sure

that you are not one of them.