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SPRING 2015 | ISSUE 94

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government

of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund of the

Department of Canadian Heritage.

A pristine wilderness! I have been to Newfoundland three

times and I would go back tomorrow morning.

Once the partying on George Street in St. John’s is finished,

an endless expanse of mountains, fiords and lakes awaits

you. On our last trip, we flew from St. John’s to the very

top of the finger where the Vikings landed and, as far as I

could see, where they settled, and then we rented a car. The

food was magnificent and we had not gone anywhere yet.

The ocean is all around you, and rough, and beautiful, and

a little windy at times. We meandered down highways that

were carved out of the cliffs and the scenery was spectacu-

lar. We decided that we had to take a boat trip through

the fiords to get a real feel for the land and we were not

disappointed. Gros Morne Park made us feel as if we were

in Norway and we were lost in the wonder of it all.

And we walked. And we met hundreds of the finest and

friendliest people in the world who offered us everything

they had, andmore. The history, the little fishing commun-

ities at the end of dead-end roads and the unbelievable

meals. These were memories to be repeated.

And we walked. That’s healthy – right? Perhaps you should

read our article about taking care of your feet before you go.