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CSANews 71 - CSANews Issue 71 Summer 2009
Early Bird Travel Insurance Fix your Retirement Eating Healthy...

CSA Articles - Snowbird Interview with Jack Layton
Snowbird Interview with Jack Layton NDP leader Jack Layton speaks to CSANews about the disparity between provinces and territories in regards to health benefits for snowbirds. - Snowbird Info - CSA Articles ......

CSA Articles - I Love Prince Edward Island
I Love Prince Edward Island Christmas is imminent; a federal election is looming; CSA's Special Government Report is going to press; and P.E.I. has quietly made a dramatic change in their government regulations, for the benefit of all snowbirds and...

CSA Articles - CSA Grass Roots Advocacy Campaign
CSA Grass Roots Advocacy Campaign As discussed in the last issue of CSA NEWS, we are requesting a "call to action" by the CSA membership to directly contact your local and federal politicians regarding various important CSA issues. - Snowbird Info -...

CSA Articles - President's Message Issue 71
President's Message Issue 71 The new U.S. border requirement for passports or specific identity documents went into effect on June 1, 2009 for all Canadians seeking entry into the United States by land or sea. What do I mean by specific identity...

CSA Articles - Government Report
Government Report By the time you read this, Canada's 41st general election will have come to a close and we will know which party will form our new federal government. To ensure that our concerns received the attention they deserved, the...