Cigarettes at Extravaganza '99

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

We have been members of CSA for the past seven years and also use some of the services. We are generally in agreement and appreciate the activities and direction of this organization.

We attended the 1999 Extravaganza at Tampa Fairgrounds and were astounded to see one of the booths handing out cigarettes.

It was our assumption that this organization would take a definite stand against the use of tobacco. The monthly magazine includes good living and health articles. Why would the organization, for a few dollars in booth rent, associate itself with the tobacco industry. Most organizations and businesses are attempting to distance themselves from the habit-forming and health-destroying product.

We brought some visitors with us and they, like us, were truly offended. This, in our estimation, was in very bad taste.

If you are so inclined, you may publish this letter in the Letters to the Editor in your next publication. We are sure many other people share our concern.

Cliff and Carol Shott
Via E-mail

Response :
While we appreciate and understand your concern, we must also yield to the "freedom of choice." We would gladly provide a free booth to any non-profit organization which will help our members quit smoking. Although the Canadian Snowbird Association promotes taking a proactive approach to one's health, we must also acknowledge the needs and interests of those who have not yet "kicked the habit."

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