Pro-Rate Clause

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk:

Re: the "Pro-Rate Clause"

I am compelled to write regarding the "angry letter" received by an "unhappy client". Who did she think, or they think, they were that they could beat the system? They lied – outright, to previous existing conditions! Give me a break – shame on them! Isn't it strange how some people think they can beat the system? She could have been stung with the whole bill! A little white lie... perhaps they'll learn.


A snowbird that has paid travel insurance ...but can relax knowing that we're fully covered, since we've admitted for 15+ years that we have "pre-existing conditions"!

Response :
wise and honest Medipac client; and we have lots of them. I would venture a guess that 99% of our clients are completely honest with us. Medipac will cover most of those pre-existing conditions, if we know about them. Give me a break, indeed! It is interesting to note that most of these pro-rate incidents are from people who are buying Medipac for the first time, yet they have been snowbirds for some time. Did they finally get caught by their other insurer? We were all taught very well, many years ago. Tell the truth or, if you prefer, "The truth will set you free". Good advice.

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