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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

I have just had a rather annoying and stressful situation crop up which I am relating to Bird Talk so that other CSA members will be aware of a situation which, when known, can be controlled by the member. My birthday falls in March. I would be 80 years old, and would need a driver's test before my driver's license could be renewed. I was very pleased to learn from the Ontario License Bureau that I could take my test at the end of October 2005. I did this, and then went to the license bureau on McLaughlin Street in Brampton, Ontario and paid the $30.00. I had my picture taken and received a temporary license until January 3, 2006. The girl that served me was very quick, did not smile, and was not a friendly type.

In the middle of December 2005, I received a letter from the Ontario License Bureau stating that the photo was not clear and that another photo would have to be taken before a license could be sent to me. I am in florida at this time, so what does one do about a photo? I telephoned the 416 number (the 1-800 number is of no use when in the USA) and I talked to a very kind and understanding gentleman who had me fAX the information required, to his attention, so that he could give me an extension to my temporary license.

The temporary license the Brampton office gave me ran out on January 3, 2006, and I have not yet received the extension to my driver's license. I again telephoned and was told that the extension until April, when I return home, would be in the mail. However, I am without a valid license until it arrives. Also think about this: when I arrive home I will have to go to the Brampton office, get my picture taken, get a third extension, and wait four to six weeks for my permanent license. All because a girl in the Brampton office could not be friendly or even try to be obliging. She had to know that most snowbirds get their license because they go away for the winter. from now on I will make sure that the employee checks and makes sure that the photo is all right before I leave, whether she wants to or not.

Hope this little upset of mine will assist other snowbirds to make sure all is fine before leaving the license office.


Ethel A. Graham
Brampton, Ontario

Response :
We have run into this situation before, at the Passport Office. It took three photograph sittings before the photo was acceptable. You can imagine the line ups we had to stand and wait in, for service, during this process. A great tip!

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