Canadian Involvement in the Second World War

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Dear Bird Talk,

When reading the article regarding the “death of four Canadian soldiers” included in the “from the desk of the late Don Slinger,” I felt moved to write a comment regarding the Canadian involvement in the Second World War.

I was born in the Netherlands, in the Hague. And I lived through the Second World War (age five to age 10). We were starving and, as with any war, things happen that we will never forget.

We are eternally grateful for the Canadian soldiers and their families, who liberated our country.

Our family emigrated to Canada in 1951. I was proud of the chance to become a Canadian citizen and contribute to this country. As I write this, the tulip bulbs that the Dutch government send to Ottawa every year have probably finished blooming. The Dutch people have never forgotten what Canada did to free us and give us a chance for a better future.

On the 50th and 60th anniversaries of the end of the Second World War, the soldiers who had been stationed in Holland during that time were invited to a two-week stay in the Netherlands. They were treated royally and made lasting friends with the Dutch families they came in contact with.

The graves of the Canadian soldiers who died in the Netherlands during the Second World War are kept in impeccable condition.

My thanks to Don Slinger, who had been my neighbour for four years, for sharing this article and his comments, to finish his amazing career.

We will miss you Don.

Yours sincerely,
Betty Carroll

Response :
Ed: We all miss Don; he was a great Canadian. Keep your eye on Beth for us.

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