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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Thank you for the latest CSA Special Report, which arrived recently. Having been visitors to Florida on a regular basis, each winter since 1991, we have had our mail forwarded by Canada Post for a period of almost six months each time. The service we have received from the Oakville Post Office to Leesburg has been excellent. They have forwarded every piece of mail, with our names on it, for the price of $18.00 per month. This is certainly not expensive, just under 90 cents per delivery day. Considering the fact that part of this is the cost of the stamp i.e. 55 cents, that leaves 40 cents for labour, which is very reasonable.

Being able to stay away from Canada for the winter is a special privilege for us, which we look forward to every year. Knowing that we will receive our mail regularly is very reassuring, and we certainly appreciate the service that is provided by Canada Post for such a cost-effective fee.

As you so clearly pointed out in the article on page 21 of the report, 'the U.S. Postal Service is government-run' funded by tax dollars and stamp revenue.

Canada Post is rarely praised for the services they provide, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them, as two very-satisfied customers.

E. Jones
B. Daniels
Oakville, Ontario

Response :
Canada Post handles millions of pieces of mail each day and, unfortunately, we tend only to hear about the 'horror stories' - not of all the mail that is delivered without a hitch. See Snowbird Alert for the one exception relating to registered mail.

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