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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Enclosed is our Early Bird Application for our upcoming winter season in Florida.

I just wanted to enclose with the application our heartfelt thanks for Medipac's wonderful response to our emergency medical requirements last winter. It was five days before our only daughter's wedding in the Dominican Republic and we were scheduled to fly out of Florida for New Year' when I woke up during the night unable to move. Panic set in – how was I going to attend our only daughter's wedding when I couldn't even walk! The diagnosis was something I had never experienced – sciatica! The pain was worse than childbirth! I did finally agree for my husband to take me to the nearest hospital which was in Lake Placid, where I received excellent care and required medications.

The staff of Medipac were so caring and polite; they called to see how I was recuperating and paid our hospital bill in a timely fashion. I got on the plane and we attended the wedding which was perfect and I didn't even require my crutches any longer. We just wanted to thank you again. Your staff are excellent so treat them well and keep them. I would highly recommend Medipac to Snowbirds – the Best Travel Emergency Medical Insurance out there.

Mrs. Carole Ardiel

P.S. You have my permission to use this letter if you want in your next Snowbird magazine, which we truly enjoy. Regards!

Response :
Your kind comments are appreciated and I have passed on your letter to our Medipac Assist staff. We DO try to treat our staff like the wonderful and caring people that they are. We have very little turnover and, on the rare occasion that someone leaves us, usually for more money, we often find they are back working with us within 18 months. We are all one big family and our clients are treated like our extended family – It all seems to work pretty well!

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