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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

With reference to Arthur Duncan’s query regarding info for mobile home parks in Arizona, he should write for a list to the Arizona Winter Visitors’ Association, P.O. Box 3997, Apache Junction, AZ 85217 OR the Apache Junction Chamber of Commerce, Apache Junction, AZ 85220. Or, better yet, just drive down there, stay in a motel for a week and look for yourself.

We have wintered in a great 250-unit park for 15 years now, just 30 miles from downtown Phoenix, and there are more than 100 similar parks in that area alone. If we can help with tips on how to get to Arizona or anything else, please feel free to call 519-433-5328.

Keith McLean
London, ON

Response :
Hi Keith, and thanks for the tips. We have always found that the best way to find a destination that fits your lifestyle and budget is to just go and visit. Some people get an RV to help with the search, but beware, RVing can be addictive and some people are still doing it 30 years later.

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