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It's really a shame that fuel economy means so little to automobile manufacturers, when so many people are conscious of how much their own cars are giving in mpg.

I personally think they should spend a little more time on economy instead of on 0-60 speeds, top speeds, power that is useless, and bulk that eats up gas. The fuel economy of '56 models is terrible and a disgrace to the great American automobile industry, which is supposed to be so efficient and able to work towards improvements in new models. Each year, it seems, mpg gets worse in our production models, prices go up, and to top it off, gasoline prices go up!

I hope the auto industry goes into the gas economy race when the horsepower race ends – if it ever does.

George Paulsen
Burlington, Wis.

Response :
Ed: This letter to the editor was printed in the September, 1956 issue of “Motor Trend” magazine. Just to help you count, that is more than 50 years ago. How can we have come so far and yet learned so little? Thanks to our friend, Peter Nash, who feeds your editor old car magazines as a steady diet.

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