Boat Insurance and a Driver's Licence?

Fall 2008 CSANews Issue 68  |   Posted date : Sep 19, 2008.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

For your info, I have a story of interest but do not wish to have my name published in the CSANews.

A few years ago, I surrendered my U.S. driver's licence for a Canadian driver's licence. Last spring (2008), when I renewed my BOAT insurance, my insurance company called to say that they noted I had changed my car driver's licence from U.S. to Canada so unfortunately, my BOAT insurance would increase by $340.00 per year. So I told them to wait, and I promptly obtained a Florida-only driver's licence for $20.00, which they then accepted and renewed my Boat insurance without a "penalty." Bizarre but true.

Best regards,

Response :
Ed: Only an insurance company would think to charge you extra when they found out that you were Canadian and were unable to use the boat for half of the year.

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