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Winter 1999 CSANews Issue 34  |   Posted date : Mar 04, 2007.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

As members of CSA, we object to the fact that we are apparently unable to access your (our) Web site at AOL since we don't subscribe to AOL ourselves. Is there any chance in the near future of your making the Web site available to all members who have Internet capability?

L. and M. Hansen
Guelph, ON

Response :
We are, indeed, working on a Web site for CSA outside the AOL system. Many of our members have made similar comments, and we would obviously like to open up the site to everyone, in some format.

The original AOL initiative had substantial support from AOL itself, and they agreed to provide extensive training to some of our staff to help us become "Internet literate." As we have been given very limited budgets to develop the site, it is taking much longer than it would under normal circumstances. Our next projects are to upload all of the older CSA News editions with the appropriate search engine capabilities, and to facilitate the real-time purchase of memberships and health insurance "on the Web." As we construct our various site components within AOL, we are also preparing similar components for use on the entire Web.

Upon completion of the above two projects, it should be a very short time frame before we can be fully activated. We have targeted for the first quarter of 2000, barring any unforeseen setbacks.

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