Breast Cancer Treatment

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur

Dear Bird Talk,

Love your magazine and all the information. Re the "breast cancer" article from Mike Pigden – Has no one ever heard of "BRACHYTHERAPY ?" for breast cancer. The doctors never tell the women about it. My daughter had breast cancer and by chance, we heard and learned about it. It is a simple procedure (a type of radiation) where hair-like wires are inserted into the breast and left in for 5 days. In the morning, she is hooked up to a computer as to the dose and, according to the extent of cells, zapped and then she can go back to work. She then returns in the midday for another treatment. This is for 5 days only, then the oncologist removes the wires. The wires are inserted under an anaesthetic, and removed quickly like stitches without anything. She has been free of cancer for 6 years now, and no mastectomy. Not everyone is a candidate, especially if lymph nodes are involved (the reason for early detection). Hope this goes out to all your readers. Thank you for reading this.

Helen Madill

Response :
Ed: Another wonderful story about cancer that has been cured. There are amazing new treatments and solutions for almost every disease and the best defence is regular screening and in-depth information. Do your research and understand ALL of the options! There are also clinical trials of new super drugs that may be available to you, but you must ask and be able to find them. One of my friends is alive and "cancer free" after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, normally a terminal disease. After extensive drug therapies and a stem cell transplant, she entered an experimental clinical drug trial, as a last desperate measure, and she is now alive and well. Miracles do happen!

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