Senior Rates on B.C. Ferries

Winter 2008 CSANews Issue 69  |   Posted date : Dec 23, 2008.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

I think you jumped the gun by supporting Stanley Knight over his concern about not getting a senior rate on B.C. Ferries. (BCF). BCF is now a privately managed Crown corporation which receives some subsidy from the taxpayers of B.C. Since Mr. Knight does not appear to be a taxpayer in B.C., he is not entitled to the perk offered to B.C. residents. Sorry, but he seems to have been misinformed by the visitor centre, or did he not advise them he was from out of province? In any case, I hope he enjoyed "Beautiful British Columbia" and will visit us again.

Ken Williams

Response :
Ed: Our family loves British Columbia and the next time we are there, we will take a ferry ride. Willem Ketting, Bill Burke and Ross Regan and several others submitted letters on this issue as well. They pointed out that national parks in the U.S. have also denied Canadians the senior's discount because they do not live in the U.S. We think that a senior is a senior! It is not logical to have to prove residency in order to pay someone our money.

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