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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

The Fall 1999, Issue 33, was received yesterday, October 28, 1999. We winter in Arizona leaving at the beginning of November as most snowbirds do. On page 6, Fast Facts and page 23, Resources, there were 888 numbers given for Arizona. Available were info and discount vouchers. I phoned each, and found (not to my surprise) that delivery would be three to five weeks i.e. November 19 December 3.

What is the point of offering obsolete info?! This is not the first time I have noticed dates in the News that are no longer valid. Is there an explanation for the fall issue arriving in early winter? A blot on an otherwise very informative magazine.

Your comments please.

Yours truly,
V. Chenier
Thunder Bay, ON

Response :
We were unaware of the long delivery period. As the majority of snowbirds have their mail forwarded to their winter destination, the coupon books can, hopefully, still arrive with plenty of time to take advantage of the offers.

Our magazine is mailed on a bulk rate basis and, as such, not all deliveries are on a timely basis. We've noticed the occasional bad date as well, and will try to be more careful in the future.

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