Driving to Myrtle Beach

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Dear Bird Talk,

Having used Medipac Insurance for the past six years for our trips to Myrtle Beach, I received a complimentary issue of your Winter 2008 CSANews. Your article headed "Myrtle Beach" by Gordon Garrison stated that the driving time to Myrtle Beach from Ontario was about 12 hours. I would like to know which part of Ontario he started from which would allow him to reach Myrtle Beach in 12 hours, keeping within the speed limit? I have never been able to reach Myrtle Beach in anything less than 16 hours. Thank you for the interesting article which did highlight the great features of Myrtle Beach.

Thomas Manol

Response :
Ed: I love both Google Maps and Google Earth on the Internet. Get directions and times to anywhere, in seconds, on Maps and look at pictures of houses, and factories, and oil sands, and neighbourhoods on Earth. Wow! If Mr. Garrison left from Niagara Falls, ON, did not stop, and averaged 115 km per hour, he could drive to Myrtle Beach in 12 hours. That equates to 71.5 miles per hour which, in the U.S., is a fairly acceptable speed. The Google Map people indicate a driving time from Niagara Falls of 14 hours and 36 minutes. From Toronto, their distance is 1,508 km – 15 hours and 47 minutes. Please add in time for breaks to stretch your legs and a snack or two. Myrtle Beach is a fun and wonderful place and the golf and beaches are fantastic.

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