Canada Day Celebrations at Horseshoe Cove R.V. Resort

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear bird talk,

I could not let this year's Canada Day celebrations, spent here at Horseshoe Cove R.V. Resort, pass without letting you all know just how much all us Canadian residents in this park appreciated yet another visit from Gerry & Joan Brissenden.

Last year was our first visit from them and we all appreciated it so much that we invited them to return again this year. Which they did.

Gerry was so informative regarding so many topics that are of concern to us snowbirds, such as travel health insurance, passport updates and just various things pertinent to us who are privileged to spend six months down here in the sunshine during the winter months.

As I have said, this was their second visit and I am ashamed to admit that I too let the original visit pass, without letting the association know how much we appreciated their coming.

While I have pen in hand, let me also say a huge "thank you" for the great "Snowbird Extravaganzas" that you put on. Believe me, even if we don't take the time to let you know personally, we do appreciate all the effort that is put into putting them on. And the time these volunteers spend travelling around sharing their knowledge.

Please let me say a big belated and much appreciated thank you to both Gerry & Joan, and we here at Horseshoe Cove hope to see you again next year.

Patricia Roberts

Response :
Ed: Gerry is the immediate past-president of the CSA and his knowledge in many areas is invaluable. He has taken over Bill Leeder’s former job as community relations officer and has been to dozens and dozens of snowbird meetings throughout Florida.

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