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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Hello, I'm a widower and the kids are all gone and I'm tired of winter. I'm tempted to just load the dog in the truck and go, but then i think about buying a trailer here or...and I'm not sure where to head for, maybe the Texas coast or Arizona. Where do i find input for first timers?

J. Strongboag
Prince George, BC

Response :
Ed: Heck, I would just load the dog in the truck, with a rabies certificate and proper travel insurance, of course, and just go! Personally, I would wander through California, make a few stops in Arizona (Sedona is very nice) and end up on the Texas coast and just see what happens and see what you like. There is no magic formula, but most of the options are, indeed, magic and there is a whole new and different life waiting out there.

To be a little less adventurous, I would check for retirement and/or snowbird courses at the local community college and read one of the several books on being a snowbird, or an RV'er if that is your inclination. There are snowbird gatherings that we call Extravaganzas in both Arizona and Texas and that might be a good first “destination.” There are thousands of snowbirds at these events and they would all love to help you, as they are very friendly people. Directors of the Canadian Snowbird Association are also very knowledgeable and could also be of assistance. Have fun, but I would wait to buy your trailer until next will then know a lot more!

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