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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

We are writing to express our sincere thanks for the excellent service that we received from Medipac employees. Each person with whom we spoke, to seek assistance, was efficient and knowledgeable about the Medipac insurance.

We had not realized that my husband Norman was not eligible for the regular insurance and that we had to purchase an individual underwritten policy. This first person with whom we spoke was Liz. Then on Sunday, October 18, we had a long conversation with Bryan, who carefully explained and answered questions for us in a clear, helpful manner. This week, we spoke with Monique, who also answered questions for us (re: my policy).

We have never telephoned a company where every single employee was so helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly! Each person made us feel that our telephone call was important. Each person listened carefully to our concerns and questions.

Mr. Quigley, congratulations on the excellent staff at Medipac. Your staff appear to enjoy their work. In my experience as an educator, staff who are this dedicated and great have great leadership at the top! Please pass our appreciation and thanks along to your staff. I'll give you and your staff an A++!

Yours truly,
Mary Coolahan

Response :
Ed.: Thank you for your kind comments, Mary. I will post your letter on our staff bulletin board, for all to see. When you have dedicated people who work hard and care about others, the leadership part is easy.

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