Harmonized Sales Tax

Spring 2010 CSANews Issue 74  |   Posted date : May 27, 2010.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

I have not seen anything from the snowbird organization commenting on the effect of this tax on seniors?

G. Wadden

Petawawa, ON

Response :
Ed: This tax is an abomination for seniors and CSA has been talking to both the Ontario and B.C. governments to try and forestall its implementation.

The single collection of the GST and the PST together will obviously provide cost savings, but it is really a huge tax grab the way it is being implemented by the two provinces. Many, many things that were subject to only one tax before the change will now be taxed by both. There are also discussions going on that would make things taxable that do not currently require either tax.

My guess is that both provincial governments will be resoundingly defeated in their next election, when people find out the real impact of HST on their monthly costs. Don’t think we can win, but we won’t stop fighting.

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