How long can we stay in the USA?

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How many months are we allowed to stay in the U.S. coming from Ontario? I have heard six and seven months.


C. Edmonds

Milton, ON

Response :
Ed: This is the most-asked question we get; the U.S. allows you to stay in the U.S. for a maximum of six months. Not 182 days or 183 days, but six months.

The unfortunate part is that an individual border guard can allow you to stay for any period he so chooses or, perhaps, even decline to admit you. This is why we stress courtesy and patience at the border. Only answer the questions you are asked - simply and directly.

The seven-month confusion arises from Ontario allowing you to be away for seven months from the province before your OHIP coverage is placed in jeopardy. So, you can spend six months in the U.S. and still go on a cruise for two weeks and visit your kids in, wherever, for another two weeks, but then you must (or at least should) stay home. In Newfoundland and Nunavut, you can stay away even longer than seven months.

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