Canadian Goverment Health Benefits and Form 8840

Summer 2010 CSANews Issue 75  |   Posted date : Jul 20, 2010.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Regarding the suspension of government health benefits ," how would they know if I was away or home if I don't go to the clinic for two years or whenever? Next, if I fill out the 8840 form, does that allow me to stay longer?

Ron Wiltshire
Miniota, MB

Response :
Ed: Big Brother is always watching and getting better at it. Photos of licence plates as you cross the border, computer records for plane and boat crossings, credit card records, banking records, etc. We do not know exactly what they have access to, but we do know that people have been stripped of their GHIP benefits. They have great difficulty, and expense, in getting benefits reinstated. The 8840 does not allow you to stay longer. (The maximum stay is six months, although you can sometimes get approval to stay longer.) This form helps to prevent being taxed on your worldwide income by the IRS, and it can assist you with difficult border-crossing guards.

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