Consensus on the Retiree Visa

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I support your upcoming lobby for a Canadian retiree visa.

Jerry Kristjanson
Ochre River, MB

I support a Canadian Snowbird visa.

Pat from Ontario

I am absolutely behind any attempt to get such a visa in place. We winter in Texas and I know that they suffer economically when we all leave. It's to both of our benefits.

Carol Klem
Winnipeg, MB

I agree that the CSA should continue to lobby for extended stay in USA for retired Canadians.

Bill Kramble
Portage La Prairie, MB

My wife Valerie and I both agree that it would be better if we had the chance to stay for a longer time in the U.S.

Earl Wickdahl
Erickson, MB

Congratulations to the entire editorial staff for an excellent issue 74 of the CSANews. With respect to a retirement visa for visits to the U.S., as I have replied before, I strongly support the concept and the CSA's efforts to convince the U.S. authorities that this could only be a win/win decision.


I support the CSA in lobbying the U.S. and Canadian governments for the purpose of a Canadian retiree visa.

Evelyn Skinner
Brandon, MB

We are extremely supportive of this measure (extended visa). We qualify as homeowners in both Canada and the U.S. and carry the necessary insurance to protect ourselves. Eight months in the states is a far more appealing lifestyle than afforded by the current cap of 182 days. Please pursue. (Ed: Is that you, Gary?)

G & D Illsley
Halifax, NS

Regarding the article that appeared in the winter 2009 Issue 73 CSANews, I am wondering if the CSA will be pursuing this (retiree visa) initiative?

Cathy VanHauwaert
Leduc, AB

Response :
Ed: This is just a taste of the overwhelming "yes" to the CSA's retiree visa initiative. There are taxation issues to resolve and GHIP issues too, but hopefully, governments of both countries will see the common sense in allowing retired seniors to enjoy their retirement in the manner they wish.

Full speed ahead!

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