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Dear Mr. Brissenden,

Thank you very much for the CSA placemats which I received. I run the Wednesday night cookouts at Redington Towers in Redington Shores, and I have already used a portion, much to the delight of a bunch of Canadians as well as very friendly Americans. They proved to be an immediate success. I am enclosing my cheque to help pay some portion of the cost as well as postage.

Thanks again,
J.W. Randall

Response :
Ed: I have had the good fortune to be invited to one of the Redington Towers cookouts and it was simply excellent due to the hard work of many volunteers. Your cheque is certainly not a requirement, but the CSA will put it to good use in their Special Action Fund.

P.S. Gerry Brissenden is the Past President of the CSA and looks after the hundreds of requests for CSA placemats. If you need some for your event, just call the CSA/Medipac placemat line at 1-877-888-2505.

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