Credit Cards At U.S. Gas Pumps

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk:

Re: Using Credit Cards at Gas Pumps

At one time, I heard that if you are using your credit card at the pump and it asks for a zip code, you know of a solution. I heard it was the three numbers in the postal code followed by two zeros. Just wondering if this is the way, or if it is the opposite of that.

Thank you!

John R.,
Wizard Lake, AB

Response :
Ed: You are correct. People have given us several solutions to this problem, but the one that has worked for me at every station is to use the three numbers in the postal code of your credit card billing address and then add two zeros. Our postal code is M3B 2T5. We use "32500" and it has always worked. I have tried our U.S. zip code, 33708, but it does NOT work.

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