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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

We are 11-year snowbirds to Florida. Last winter, we changed our emergency travel insurance to [name of insurance company omitted]. By coincidence, last year we needed that insurance badly. My wife was admitted to the hospital in serious condition with severe nosebleeds. The hospital contacted our emergency insurance, which was handled by [name of claims management company omitted] and was promptly informed that the emergency insurance would be paying for nothing, neither the ENT's operating room request, nor a request to medevac her back to Canada. When I called and insisted on speaking with their medical personnel or a superior, I was refused and the lady did as she promised, hung up the phone on me.

After hospitalization for two days, and with the nostrils packed, we left Florida and headed for Canada, arriving 24 hours later. The insurance company gave us one reason for not paying while we were in Florida, but since arriving home, that reason has never been mentioned. They have spent two months scouring my wife's medical records and her pharmacy records, and have now presented us with another reason why they will not pay – the reason having nothing to do with her nosebleeds. It appears their sole goal has been to find a way not to pay, which makes the insurance we took out nothing but a scam.

Our only recourse is the legal system and from what we are told, this insurance company and its arm, [name of claims management company omitted], responds to nothing but a lawsuit. Not quite what we want at our age. Friends and those familiar with our situation can't believe our experience with this insurance.

Coincidentally, while we were having our nightmare in Florida, our friend was also having medical problems. His policy was with Medipac; what a difference. He was taken care of immediately, professionally and without any hassle.

Thus, when buying your emergency travel insurance this year, "Buyer Beware."

George & Mary May 
Wasaga Beach, ON

Response :
Ed: This is an all-too-familiar story! Another company has a slightly lower price and someone convinces you to purchase that policy instead of Medipac. There are reasons for that lower price and you will not like any of them.

I hope that you will choose Medipac this year and, if you do, we will waive your previous claim and hold our Early Bird rates for you both, as a thank you for your letter.

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