Car Insurance Limits in the USA

Fall 2011 CSANews Issue 80  |   Posted date : Sep 02, 2011.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

I read with interest the article in Bird Talk regarding car insurance and was petrified that I probably was driving in the U.S. potentially without insurance. I immediately called the Zenith Insurance Co., my provider, quoted your article and was told immediately that it was incorrect and I was covered for six months.

The representative I spoke to must have had other calls because I just started to read your article to her when she said plainly that it was incorrect. This is of course a major concern to me and all readers of your magazine and I feel that things like this should be researched to be sure they are correct. Right now, I'm not sure who to believe. Please get back to me with the proper information.

E M Reynard

Response :
Ed: There is a simple solution. Have your broker/company send you a letter stating that you are covered, for up to six months, when outside Canada.

All companies are a little different in the way in which they administer “out-of-Canada” automobile claims. This letter will provide certainty. When the customer service representative (CSR) indicated that the article was incorrect, she was incorrect. I wonder if she has even read the article. An excellent broker/company will be happy to provide such a letter and to explain their terms and conditions. That is the CS in CSR.

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