Needs of our health and education systems should be met!

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

I cannot believe that we will be subjected to Michael Coren’s extreme right-wing ranting issue after issue in your CSANews publications. I have asked you in the past to provide a balanced approach to relevant issues. Why does this arrogant, narrow-minded person warrant the right to be your only “political” columnist?

The utter gall of anyone who would pontifcate as to why he is “intellectually superior” to those left-wingers who disagree with him is appalling. I don’t suppose Coren would be concerned about the growing disparity between Canada’s rich and poor. I don’t imagine he would champion the needs of our health and education systems, which are being sacrificed due to the expansion of our prisons, and the purchase of expensive airplanes. I support the efforts of the CSA on our behalf entirely. I would, however, hesitate to encourage any prospective member to read this one-sided blemish on an otherwise excellent magazine.

P.S. I would appreciate if even a portion of this letter could be published, so as to let the readers note that there is an opposing point of view.

Bob Perrault
Port Elgin, ON

Response :
Ed: Here is your entire letter, Bob, and you have lots of company in not liking Mr. Coren’s articles. I was also unhappy with the comment, “...because people on the left are intellectually inferior, they turn to abuse and insults.” We will monitor the articles, but we do resist censoring them, even when we strongly disagree. I have yet to meet him but, when I do, I will ask him to try and stay focused on cross-border issues.

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