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Dear Bird Talk:

I have just received via snail mail the winter issue of CSA News. The article on Prostate Specific Antigen Test (PSA) is, in my opinion, probably the most important article I have seen in the News. Hopefully it will save many lives because I know that the PSA test was the main item that led to the discovery of my prostate cancer in 1994 and the subsequent surgical removal of the prostate. I had been going to a doctor and a urologist for three years before a PSA test was recommended, and that was only because I changed doctors. I urge all men to have a PSA test done and to also write the Ontario minister of health deploring the discrimination that is there when women can have a mammogram for free, while men must pay for the PSA test and both procedures are for the detection of cancer.

H. Webster
London, On

(This is just part of a very thoughtful and excellent letter from Mr. Webster.)

Response :
Donald Stacy of Mississauga pointed out in a recent letter to us that if you already have prostate cancer, OHIP will pay for your PSA test. What government "expert" decided that paying for a PSA test to confirm the presence of prostate cancer only in men who already had prostate cancer was good health policy.

I recently asked my own doctor to request a PSA test while I was having some other tests done. He said, "You don't need one, and it doesn't mean anything anyway." I believe this to be the general attitude in the medical community and it is very, very wrong, based on the many studies and articles I have read.

Good, cost-effective health policy means prevention and early detection of problems, for any illness or disease. The PSA test should not only be paid for by the governments ­ it should be mandatory in my opinion. Please send a letter or e-mail to your health minister, your MP, your MPP, your premier and our prime minister. Help save someone's life.

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