Reading issues of CSANews and get quite a bit of valuable information

Spring 2012 CSANews Issue 82  |   Posted date : May 05, 2012.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear bird talk,
I really enjoy reading issues of CSANews and get quite a bit of valuable information at the same time. I particularly like the bird talk section, where some members ask interesting questions that affect all winter travellers from canada.In the winter 2011 issue, however, a writer took hostile issue with Michael Coren for one of his pieces and his "extreme right wing ranting."

I am neither right wing or left wing and prefer to be the bird in-between, as in snowbird, and don’t mind entertaining all points of view with an open mind. another person wrote that they were NOt happy that you did not have a show in their particular area. These types of letters are not constructive or informative to readers and it is too bad that some seniors, retirees or snowbirds have this feeling of entitlement to send demanding, rather rude letters to what is a magazine for us all. You have proven, however, that there is no bias or censorship in your publishing of these letters and thank you for that.

Alf Cook
Kamloops bc

Response :
Ed: Thanks, Mr. Cook. We do try our best

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