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Spring 2012 CSANews Issue 82  |   Posted date : May 05, 2012.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear bird talk,

I find bird talk enjoyable and useful, thought you might like to hear what our border guard at Sarnia, ON said last September when we entered Michigan for a week of camping with friends. After he asked if we had fruit, etc. he waved us on with, "thank you for coming." that was a 'wow' moment.

Pat Holloway
cameron, ON

Response :
Ed: There must be a virus going around. We had exactly the same comment and experience at the border when clearing U.S. customs at the Toronto airport (are they listening to us?). We have also had several people comment in restaurants and at events which we attended that they were pleased to see us and everyone has been very welcoming this year.

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