Medipac provides automatic extensions of coverage for FREE!!

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear bird talk,
My husband and I spent four months last winter in florida, with 62 days of insurance from my retired teachers of Ontario plan, then topping up with Medipac. we arrived back in canada on april 2 and our Medipac insurance expired on april 3. if we had been in a serious accident before we crossed the border and were both unconscious – in hospital – but unable to phone for more top-up insurance, what would have happened? would we lose our home and everything we have worked so hard to earn?

Mary Mueller
brockville, ON

Response :
Ed: With Medipac, you are totally covered, don’t worry. Medipac provides automatic extensions of coverage, for FREE, if you are hospitalized. We then cover you for an additional 72 hours after discharge to give you time to return home. We also cover you, again at no cost, for an additional 72 hours following your normal expiry date if your plane is late, if your car or RV was in an accident or if it has a mechanical breakdown. Some other insurers have fortunately copied our wording, but read your other policy carefully, to be certain.

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