Issues in trying to acquire U.S. credit cards at major shopping stores.

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear bird talk,

This message is in reference to the lady trying to acquire U.S. credit cards at major shopping stores. As snowbirds, we have a home in an adult community in henderson, Nevada and this is what has worked for me when applying for a card with Macy’s, dillards, Kohls, etc. Once you have their card, you will enjoy better discounts.

When applying for a card, the application asks for your social security number. In Canada, we have Social Insurance Numbers, which are different but very similar and can be used in this case. canadian social insurance numbers have this sequence – 777-777-777. american social security numbers have this sequence 777-77-7777.

So quite simply, you enter your SIN # in the american format (ex. if your SIN number is 123-456-789, you would enter it as 123-45-6789) and your application for a card should go through. also, Macy’s will mail your statement back to either your Canadian or American address.

happy shopping!

V. C.
lloydminster, AB

Response :
Ed: WARNING! Most Americans will not even question this and that is why it is the wrong thing to do. Many years ago, in Las Vegas, I won a fairly nice jackpot on a slot machine and was told that they
were going to withhold 30% for taxes. I told them that we have no taxes in Canada and that I wanted my money. I got my money after they suggested that they would just use my Canadian SIN number and my U.S. address and see whether anyone catches it in the cheque administration department. I was proudly bragging to my U.S. lawyer friend that I had received 100% of my winnings and he was very upset with me. To quote, he said, “They can put you in jail for impersonating the U.S. person who actually has that SIN number!” And then bar you from the U.S. forever. Lesson Learned.

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