Tax Deductions for Travel Medical Insurance

Winter 2013 CSANews Issue 85  |   Posted date : Jan 10, 2013.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

As members of CSA, we would like to thank the staff at your office for acting so quickly to resolve the issue of allowing snowbirds to deduct their annual premiums for out-of-province coverage. The success in resolving that issue is worth every penny that we pay to be members of the association.

Sharon U
Summerland, BC

Dear Bird Talk,
The same day I read your article about efforts to have the CRA approve travel medical expenses, I received notice of reassessment as they had rejected my claim for the premiums paid. However, your article gave me strength and I am appealing. Thanks for your efforts.

John C
Oakville, ON

Response :
Ed: The full premium you pay for Medipac travel insurance is tax deductible. Your appeal will be successful.

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