Burden of Proof

Winter 2013 CSANews Issue 85  |   Posted date : Jan 10, 2013.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

This topic may have been covered before...sorry. During a recent U.S. border-crossing interview, we were asked to provide documentation showing closer ties to Canada. We didn't have anything other than our ID; the guard reluctantly let us cross, but cautioned us "that the burden of proof is on the traveller." Has anyone run across this? What other documents should we take?

Ian of British Columbia

Response :
Ed: You were fortunate. U.S. border guards have broad and sweeping powers to admit you, to deny admittance, to tell you exactly how long you can stay and even to bar you from the U.S. for a number of years. Respect for these guards and proper preparation to cross the border are very important, as guards require no real reason to take any of the above actions. There is also no appeal of the decision they make. Your passport, health card, property tax bill and bank statement, as mentioned above, will help a lot when you are asked again. Water bills, credit card statements and any government document showing your Canadian name and address could be added to the list…and they do like photo IDs.

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